Bandskor LLC. was founded in 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.

We help talent buyers and venues make good decisions by analyzing and managing incoming artist submissions. By providing useful tools for Venues and Emerging Artists, we hope to provide insight into touring and event data.

For Venues and Talent Buyers: You can use Bandskor to help manage band submissions for your venue and keep track of your events.

For Bands: You can set up a Bandskor profile to keep your information up to date with venues that use Bandskor. We prefer bands and artists that are actively playing shows and touring. Your profile is dynamic—you will never have to go back and update anything except venue date requests.

The Band:

Eric Levitan - Co-founder, Head of Operations, guitar player

Geoff Nagel - Co-founder, Head of Product, drummer

Juliett Rowe - Co-founder, Head of Client Relationships & Marketing, meetings before noon